Hall of Fame


The Vancouver Voodoo is a team name most of you probably have heard about, but what about the others…
The Anaheim Bullfrogs, The Sacramento River Rats, The Los Angelas Blades, The Buffalo Stampede, The Calgary Radz … who are these teams ? and where are they now?

More interesting became, who were they then?

The RHI was the only professional roller hockey league to have ever existed. It lasted approx.. 5 years and saw many teams come and go. We were lucky enough to see a professional team here in Vancouver, The Voodoo. coached by ex. Canuck dave “tiger” williams, saw players like Jose Charbenau end up playing in the NHL.




The upstairs mezzanine of The Hockey House will have a feature wall dedicated to the history of roller hockey. Come on in and learn something about where this game came from and who was fortunate enough to call them selves a professional for a season.

We’ve Collected all sorts of memorabilia over the years, from game worn jerseys to autographed sticks from players. It will all be available on display for your viewing.

Do you have roller hockey articles to donate or for sale. please let us know, were always looking for new items.